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Interior Architecture student wins STIR design competition

Brittany Cavalotti, a former Interior Architecture student who graduated in Spring 2013, submitted her studio project to STIR - an interactive, mobile magazine app from Sherwin Williams. Her project focused on designing the interior of a Sherwin Williams' corporate office space. She was awareded 2nd prize, and was featured in STIR!

We asked Brittany a few questions about her project, the competition and what words of wisdom she could pass on to a freshman seeking a degree in design...

"I heard about the 2013 Sherwin Williams Student Design Contest from my professor, and the director of the [undergraduate] Interior Architecture Program at Marywood University, Maria MacDonald.

Maria had encouraged me to enter the commercial category of the competition after a few weeks of working on our Studio Project for the 2013 Spring Semester which focused on designing the interior of a corporate office space with a specific company in mind.

All of the projects began with a reading and the study of a small detail that quickly developed into a detail of our own. The project then extended into an office cube, which then extended throughout our assigned existing building, and eventually into the environment surrounding it. The corporation I had chosen was Sherwin Williams and my design focused on using movement to display their color palettes, as well as a guide and opportunity for interaction throughout the space.

In design education you have the freedom to dream big and go big, even if that sometimes means failing big. My advice to those considering a career in design would be to prepare for many hours of hard work, frustration, and maybe even some tears. However, that feeling of accomplishment and surprising yourself with your abilities and creativity, time and time again, makes it all worthwhile."

- Brittany Cavalotti
BFA Interior Architecture/Design student, graduated 2013
Brittany is now dazzling the world in her MIA graduate studies at the University of Arizona.


School of Architecture | Center for Architecture Studies
For more information, contact us at or (570) 961-4536



School of Architecture | Center for Architecture Studies
For more information, contact us at or (570) 961-4536