Karen Reid

BFA Sculpture 2002, MA Sculpture Marywood University 2008
Studio Artist

"At Marywood my passion for the arts was nourished in a stimulating creative studio environment by skilled faculty who encouraged exploration into new directions."

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Bachelor of Fine Arts: Design

Bachelor of Fine Arts: Studio Art


  • Art History
  • Ceramics
  • Graphic Design
  • Illustration
  • Painting
  • Photography
  • Printmaking
  • Sculpture

We offer an 18-credit art minor in several studio disciplines that's open to all majors. Marywood's close proximity to major museums and resources in New York and Philadelphia make it an ideal place to study art and design. More about an art minor

Many art majors choose minors outside the department of Visual Arts, depending on their personal and career goals. Popular minors include Spanish for the Professional, Business, Advertising, and Public Relations.

Ad Hoc Major

When students believe that their unique educational objectives cannot be fully attained by choosing one of the existing major programs, they may devise an ad hoc pattern of courses. A form for an ad hoc proposal should be obtained from the Deans’ Offices or department chairs.
The program must be approved by the participating department chairpersons and submitted to the appropriate dean for approval. Ad Hoc major programs usually require 45-60 credits. They are typically designed during the student’s sophomore year.

Study Abroad

Study abroad experiences can be tailored to individual comfort levels so students get exactly what they want from the experience. The amount of time spent overseas could range from a few weeks in the summer to a semester or an entire academic year. Students can choose to live with host families, among foreign students, or surrounded by other Americans. Programs are modestly priced, and scholarships and financial aid are also available. Many art majors study abroad at the Studio Art Centers International (SACI) in Florence, Italy. Opportunites for study abroad are also available in other countries including France, Ireland, Scotland, or Australia. More about study abroad

Distinguished Visiting Artist Lecture Series

The Marywood Distinguished Visiting Artist Lecture Series brings to the Marywood Art Department professionals who are working at the high end of human endeavor; successful and respected visual artists who are dealing with contemporary cultural and aesthetic issues that are relevant to all aspects of the Humanities. These lectures, which are free and open to the public, are invaluable opportunities for our students to engage in an aesthetic dialogue that is diverse and international in scope. See our past list of artists

Fieldwork/Internships for Art Majors

Marywood University acknowledges the necessity of integrating academic course work and practical experience in the total learning process within many major areas of study. As a result, the University maintains strong and active affiliations with a number of cooperating agencies wherein students can gain these competencies, typically as upper division students. These arrangements are defined specifically at the departmental level and include titles such as: “field experience,” “clinical practicum,” “internship,” and “student teaching.” Each is designed to provide the opportunity of transferring theoretical paradigms to practical situations. More about fieldwork/interships for Art Majors