Justin Hayden

BA Art Education/Photography 2009, MA Art Education 2014
Art Educator at Western Wayne High School

"I love watching students’ artistic abilities and vision transform throughout their high school careers. I have several talented and devoted students who have made a huge impact on my teaching career."

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Illustrators have a need to be heard and an artistic yearning to tell narrative and visual 'stories' in a personal and unique way. Illustrators are the highest trained and hardest working artists in the market today. They solve two clear problems; listening to and completing specific client's parameters and fulfilling the challenge of having their own personal method of working and creative ideas into print. All on deadline.

The Illustration Program at Marywood University offers a comprehensive and up to date curriculum in the study of this most fascinating and rewarding of creative fields. Steeped in the tradition of fine art and contemporary drawing and painting, this rigorous course of study trains students to bridge the gap between craft and process on a road to create highly personal, narrative pictures ready for commercial use and publication.

A variety of mediums and approaches will be covered in this intense and exciting, media current 4 year program. Experimentation, research, and work ethic is required and emphasized. Students are encouraged to work hard and stretch their capabilities as they discover their visual and personal voice and master and design authentic pictures that matter.

Every art student who wants to work commercially and make a living as an artist and an illustrator will see that dream become a reality through top notch instruction and designated studio space in Marywood University's Illustration Program.

Download the course sequence sheet for a breakdown of classes each semester.

For more information about our illustration program, contact Lynn Pauley at pauley@marywood.edu.