"At Marywood my passion for the arts was nourished in a stimulating creative studio environment by skilled faculty who encouraged exploration into new directions."

Karen Reid

Studio Artist
(MA Sculpture, Marywood University)


Our professors are working professionals with first-hand knowledge of the opportunities available in the field of illustration. Courses are tailored to your particular interests and strengths, while fostering a broad understanding of the wide range of uses for illustration. Class projects focus on concept development, design, craft, and color. They require students to work in a variety of 2D and 3D media. 

Foundation courses include drawing, basic color, 2D and 3D design, and painting. These are followed by classes in figure drawing, photography, graphic design, printmaking, and art history. This well-rounded curriculum is essential training before you select your area of specialization.

Later, you may choose to specialize in General Illustration or Book Illustration. During your senior year, you will undergo intense portfolio evaluation by faculty and students and participate in self-assessment exercises to prepare you for future employment.

Download the course sequence sheet for a breakdown of classes each semester.

For more information about our illustration program, contact Dennis Corrigan at corrigan@marywood.edu.