Mar 2015

Spectacular Beetles: Exploring the Order of Coleoptera with Joan Danziger

When: Tue, Oct 15, 2013 4:46 PM - Add to Calendar
Where: Mahady Gallery, Shields Center for the Visual Arts
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The beetle sculptures of Washington, DC artist Joan Danziger are creative, imaginative, and provocative objects that invite wonder and respect for Coleoptera, the diverse and largest order of insects commonly called beetles. With over 350,000 species found in all major habitats, and constituting almost 25% of all known animal life forms, Coleoptera are a force. The installation of bejeweled crawling and climbing creatures taps into our human tendency to revere and disdain beetles, to see them as both beautiful and repulsive -- creating a tension between the real and the imaginary.

 Meet the Artist Community Gallery Talk: December 7, 5:15 PM

• Artist’s Reception: December 7, 6–8 PM