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Tongue Twisting

When: Wed, Oct 30, 2013 12:00 PM - 3:00 PM - Add to Calendar
Where: Fireplace Lounge
More Info: /studentactivities/student-activities-crew/detail.html?id=1361abbf-36c5-41fe-a628-84071fd0abee&pageTitle=Tongue%20Twisting&crumbTrail=Tongue%20Twisting

Your Tongue Wont Believe It's Taste Buds! With An All Natural Miracle Berry Your Taste Will Be Altered For A Few Short Minutes!

Place an all natural berry on your tongue and wait for it to absorb! For a few short minutes all that tastes sweet will be salty and all that is bitter will be sweet!

Enjoy trying a variety of foods that you never thought you would like!

Direct questions to 107 Nazareth. Student Activities & Leadership Development. 570-340-6016.

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