Date Time Location Description Police Disposition
02/08/16 01:45 AM Insalaco Center for Studio Arts

A student reported her art supplies were taken from the Insalaco Center for Studio Arts.

N/A Reported
02/08/16 08:00 AM Liberal Arts Center Room 128

Housekeeping reported graffiti written on the blackboard in Liberal Arts Center Room 128.

N/A Reported
12/14/15 06:30 AM Liberal Arts Center

30 K-Cups were taken from a housekeeping closet.

N/A Open
12/14/15 06:45 PM Liberal Arts Center

Graffiti found on the restroom wall.

N/A Open
12/04/15 02:30 AM Mulberry Street, Scranton, PA

A commuter student reported she was sexually assaulted off campus on December 4, 2015 at 2:30 AM.

Scranton Police Department Reported
10/16/15 11:30 AM Studio Arts Center

Two LED 4 strip bulbs were taken from the Studio Arts Center.

N/A Open
10/05/15 02:30 PM Learning Commons

A wireless keyboard and mouse was taken from the Learning Commons Room 333.

N/A Open
09/24/15 07:00 AM Loughran Hall

On the above date Campus Safety Desk Staff at Loughran Hall received a bomb threat.

Dunmore Police Department/Scranton Police Open
09/22/15 01:30 PM Sette LaVerghetta Center for the Performing Arts

Housekeeping reported 250 rolls of toilet paper were missing from the Sette LaVerghetta Center for the Performing Arts.

N/A Open
09/22/15 01:30 PM Learning Commons

Someone wrote on the windows of the Learning Commons.

N/A Reported
09/13/15 11:30 AM Woodlands Parking Lot

A baseball shatter the windshield of a resident student which vehicle was parked in the Woodlands parking lot.

N/A Open
09/07/15 12:00 PM Adams Avenue

Marywood Banner is missing from Adams Avenue.

N/A Charges
09/05/15 11:30 PM Turf Field

Property damage at the Turf Field Women's Restroom.

N/A Open
09/03/15 02:15 PM Healthy Family Center

A flat screen television was damaged in the Healthy Family Center.

N/A Open
07/29/15 02:00 PM South Campus

Rocks were thrown at the windows at South Campus and several windows were broken.

N/A Open
07/16/15 03:30 PM Turf Field

The field hockey goals/nets were damaged on the Turf Field.

N/A Open
07/15/15 03:45 PM Maintenance Building - Wood Shop

Two gallons of polyurethane were found missing from the Wood Shop in the Maintenance Building.

N/A Reported
07/02/15 05:45 AM Madonna Hall

Small light post broken off and found on the ground near Madonna Hall.

N/A Open
06/12/15 10:15 AM Baseball field

On the baseball field the excavator was paintballed.

N/A Open
06/10/15 06:30 AM Loughran Hall

It was reported to Campus Safety that in Loughran Hall 50 fitted sheets, 50 flat sheets, 50 pillow cases, 50 bath towels and 50 wash cloths were stolen.

N/A Open
05/09/15 07:36 AM School of Architecture

Student stated his tools were stolen from his desk when he left the area.

N/A Open
04/21/15 06:45 AM McGowan and Lower VAC Parking lots

It was reported to Campus Safety that two Catalytic Converters were stolen from vehicles parked in the McGowan Parking Lot and the Lower VAC Parking Lot.

Dunmore Police Department Open
04/15/15 07:01 AM Learning Resource Center

A student reported a Cannon Rebel T31 Camera was taken from the Learning Resource Center.


N/A Closed
04/13/15 06:59 AM Learning Resource Center

A student had her bookbag stolen fromthe Learning Resource Center.

N/A Open
04/12/15 10:43 AM Loughran Hall

It was reported to Campus Safety there was a 2" hole in the wall near Room 010A of Loughran Hall.

N/A Open