NoticeThe Fall 2015 Semester statements are available on the MarywoodYOU portal on Monday, July 6th to view and print.  PAPER STATEMENTS WILL NOT BE MAILED TO RETURNING STUDENTS.  Payment due date is August 3, 2015.
The Official Payments site is now available to set up a payment plan for the Fall 2015 Semester. Click on 'Enroll in a Payment Plan' on the MarywoodYOU portal or the Cashier's Office web page.  Official Payments charges $40 to set up the payment plan for the semester.  The payment plan requires a 25% down payment and the remaining balance will be evenly divided into payments. A worksheet is available on the site to assist you in determining the amount you will need to pay on the payment plan.                                  
Undergrad students taking 12 or more credits and grad students taking 6 or more credits are charged for student health insurance for the 2015-16 school year.  If you have your own health insurance coverage, you may waive the insurance fee by visiting the Bollinger Insurance website at www.bollingercollegescom/marywood/The waiver must be completed before September 15, 2015.


Enhanced Student Account Information

Vital Facts:

  1. Tuition and Fees
  2. Explanations and Details of All the Fees
  3. Estimated costs of Attending
  4. Important Dates and Deadlines for Students
  5. Payment Options Details
  6. Complete Pertinent Financial Facts
  7. Federal Perkins Loan Facts

Financial Tasks:

  1. Payment of Tuition, Fees, Room and Board
  2. Withdrawals and Refunds
  3. Deferment Options - arranging for Student Loans and Financial Aid to pay your bills.