Submitting a Proposal

  1. Download the Proposal document to your computer from the Forms page.
  2. Open it using Adobe Acrobat. 
  3. Type the required information into the form. Make sure you have specified where you are going for your activity. Enter your expenses (please do not send receipts to the committee), and all other required information. 
  4. If you are making a presentation, include documentation of this with your Proposal (such as a letter of acceptance, page from a conference program, etc.). 
  5. Sign the form, and get your department chair's and dean's signatures as well.
  6. Faculty should submit one electronic copy of their proposal to
  7. After about 2 weeks you will hear from the Vice President for Academic Affairs (or the committee chair if there is a problem with your proposal). At that time you will be asked to submit an expense form and receipts to that office.

Revised Funding Limits: National, 2014-2015

  • 400.00: Commentator, Panel, Roundtable, and Presiding
  • 800.00: Research or Creative Endeavor and Poster
  • 1,200.00: Conference Presentation & Exhibition

Revised Funding Limits: International, 2014-2015

  • 600.00: Commentator, Panel, Roundtable, and Presiding
  • 1,200.00: Research or Creative Endeavor and Poster
  • $ 1,800.00: Conference Presentation & Exhibition


Some Important Tips:

  • You may submit multiple requests for funding up to the limits noted above (budget permitting) .
  • All documents require the applicant's signature, as well as the signature of her Dean and Chair.
  • It takes approximately 2 weeks from the submission deadline to process and review your Proposal.