• Ann Cerminaro-Costanzi, Ph.D., Chairperson
  • Joseph Chindemi, M.A.*
  • Sharon S. Dolechek, M.A.*
  • Dennis Fanucci, M.A.*
  • Mary Frances Froncek, M.S.*
  • Ellen Jagger, M.S.*
  • Mary Elizabeth Kenny, Ph.D., C.M.F.C.
  • Mary Kramer, M.A.*
  • Tom Lavelle, M.S.*
  • Donna Michaylo, M.S.*
  • Kerri Nelson, M.A.*
  • Patricia Priolo, M.A.*
  • Alice S. Reyes, M.S.
  • José E Reyes, Ph.D.,C.M.F.C.

* Part-time

Ann Cerminaro-Costanzi, Ph.D., Chairperson

  • Ph.D. in Romance Languages, from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.
  • Specializes in the poetry of the Spanish generation of 1927, particularly that of Vicente Aleixandre and Federico García Lorca.
  • Teaches courses in both Italian and Spanish including: Italian 101 - 102 (Elementary Italian), Spanish 211-212 (Intermediate Spanish), 223 (Spanish for Reading and Review), 280 (Hispanic Culture through Film), and 300+ (advanced Spanish courses).

Completed study abroad at the University of Salamanca, Spain, and has traveled extensively throughout Europe.

Favorite Pasttimes: Reading Spanish literature, watching movies, traveling, and playing Mario Kart on the Wii with her children.

Mary Elizabeth Kenny, Ph.D., C.M.F.C.

  • Ph.D. in French from SUNY Binghamton.
  • Specializes in French Language and Culture through Film.
  • Teaches courses in French including: French 101-102 (Elementary French), French 275-276 (Conversational French), French 306 (French Culture through Film)and other 300+ (advanced French courses).

Favorite Pasttimes: Walking, swimming, skiing, sailing, reading, watching films, and traveling.

Alice S. Reyes, M.S.

  • M.A. Marywood University, Scranton, Pa.
  • Specializes in foreign language pedagogy.
  • Teaches Spanish 211-212 (Intermediate Spanish) and Spanish 103-104 (Advanced Beginners).

Completed study abroad at the University of Valencia, Valencia, Spain and traveled extensively through Spain and Mexico.

Favorite Pasttimes: Reading great literature, foreign travel and spending time with her three grandchildren.

José E Reyes, Ph.D.,C.M.F.C.

  • Ph.D. in Spanish Literature, from SUNY Binghamton.
  • Specializes in Spanish Middle Ages and Medieval Spanish Literature.
  • Teaches Spanish courses including: 211-212 (Intermediate Spanish), 275 (Conversational Spanish), 290 (Visions of Spain through Art and Literature), 310 (Contemporary Hispanic Issues).

A native of Valencia, Spain, accompanies students on study abroad trips to Spain and Latin America.

Favorite Pasttimes: Cooking Mediterranean food, traveling, reading, and, of course, making everyone a little Spanish.