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Music, Theatre, and Dance: Dance Programs

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  • Dance At Marywood
  • Dance At Marywood
  • Dance At Marywood
  • Dance At Marywood

Minor In Dance

The dance minor develops techniques and competencies in the body as an instrument of expression. The minor addresses the need to develop aesthetic principles for music and theatre majors, as well as students in other degree programs across the University. A total of 18 credits is required.


DANC 140
Fundamentals of Dance/Movement 3
DANC 141*
Body Awareness (must enroll in 141Lab)
DANC 142
Fundamentals of Improv/Choreography
DANC 143A or B Production/Ensemble
DANC varies**
DANC Tech 6


* Some majors (e.g., psychology, early childhood, special ed) require course substitution of Body Awareness with Kinesiology, which has prerequisite of two science courses applied to liberal arts requirements.

** Students take 6 credits of dance technique. Course offerings include: ballet, jazz, modern dance, tap, stage combat, hip-hop, and special topics.

Department of Music, Theatre & Dance | Sette LaVerghetta Center for Performing Arts | (570) 348-6268