Welcome Class of 2018!

Next year represents a major turning point in your life—your first year of college. While you are busy preparing for the next chapter in your life story, the Marywood University Orientation Committee is eagerly awaiting your arrival and preparing a fantastic Orientation Weekend.

Orientation is a vital part of your college experience. This July, you will set foot on campus for the first time as a Marywood student. There will be opportunities to meet other classmates in small groups and with your academic advisor, as well as to learn about campus services and activities. Of course, there will also be a lot of time for fun!

Before You Arrive

  • Where to Stay - Whether you will be a resident or commuter in the fall, plan to stay on campus overnight on July 11. It's a fun experience and a time when many great friendships develop!
  • Directions & Campus Maps - find out how to get to Marywood, and become familiar with the campus map so you know where you're going!
  • Medical & Health Insurance Requirements - an overview of the medical and insurance requirements needed for Resident and Commuter students attending Marywood.
  • Work Study Employment Opportunities - Work Study opportunities have been posted. Take a look and see what's available!


Other Orientation Programs

  • Fall Welcome - The continuation of our New Student Orientation. This 3-day program combines various elements of student life, including residence life, extra-curricular activities and social programming, community service and involvement, and awareness to issues facing college students, such as alcohol awareness and sexual assault.

  • "Transition Program" - The "Transitions Program" is the perfect time for transfer students to become acquainted with the University, meet new and current students, faculty, and staff. During the program you'll learn about all the other opportunities available as a Marywood University student.