PhD Program in Human Development

Program Structure

Marywood's Ph.D. in Human Development is a 60-credit program that is interdisciplinary in nature and research-focusedSpecializations allow you to concentrate your study on a specific discipline area.

Flexible program options enable you to pursue your Ph.D. either full- or part-time and to design a program of study that meets your specific professional needs. The program does not require on-campus residency, since most courses are offered on the weekdays and evenings to fit the hours of working professionals. Continuous registration each semester is required and Marywood expects Ph.D. students to complete their degree within 7 years.

Interdisciplinary Courses (12 Credits)

D/HD 1021 Theory of Development and Change -- Moodle Component (fall)
D/HD 1031 Social and Economic Dimensions of Human Development (fall)
D/HD 1041 Physiological and Psychological Bases of Human Development (spring)
D/HD 1100 Professional Ethics (spring)

Research Courses (12 Credits)

Four required research and statistics courses provide a solid empirical base for scholarly inquiry. In addition, elective courses in grantsmanship(D/HD 1112) and program evaluation (D/HD 1140) offer practical ways to apply research skills to real-world problems.

D/HD 1011 Advanced Statistical Analysis (fall)
D/HD 1013 Advanced Correlation (spring)
D/HD 1015 Qualitative Research (spring)
D/HD 1017 Quantitative Methodology--Moodle Component (fall)

Specialization Courses (24 Credits)

Each specialization has a set of required courses complimented by a variety of elective options. A list of elective courses are included in Graduate Student Catalog and most are offered in alternate semesters.

Education Administration

D/ED 1011 School Community, and Public Relations
D/ED 1012 Theories of Educational Organizations
D/ED 1013 Labor Relations and Negotiations
D/ED 1014 Business and Facilities Management
D/ED 1200, 1201 Administrative Internship

Higher Education Administration

D/HE 1020 History of American Colleges/Universities
D/HE 1021 Academic Curriculum
D/HE 1030 College Finance and Strategic Planning--Moodle Component
D/HE 1109 Law in Higher Education--Moodle Component
D/HE 1202 Internship in Higher Education
D/HE 1203 Internship in Higerh Education (1.5 cr)

Instructional Leadership

D/ED 1005 Models of Teaching: Crossdiscipline Integrating Seminar
D/ED 1007 Instructional Design Theory--Moodle Component
D/ED 1012 Communication Theory and Organizational Dynamics
D/ED 1150 Practicum I

Health Promotion

D/HP 1081 Issues of Goverance w/Non-profits--Online instruction
D/HP 1101 Scientific and Theoretical Basis of Health Promotion
D/HP 1102 Health Promotion Epidemiology
D/HP 1103 Management of Health Promotion Programs
D/HP 1104 Health Promotion Methods, Material, and Delivery
D/HP 1105 Health Promotion Economics--Moodle Component                                 

Dissertation Seminar (3 Credits) + Dissertation (9 Credits)

D/HD 1051 Selected Topics: Dissertation Seminar (fall) -- taken after completing qualifying experience and all coursework (48 credits)