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Goal 1 

Provide a values based context for university experiences.

  • A majority of students will participate in service opportunities in an on-going way.
  • Students will demonstrate an understanding of the ethical dimensions of their fields of study.
  • A majority of students will participate in spiritual development activities.
  • Employees will demonstrate core values in the work place.

Goal 2 

Foster an awareness and appreciation of the pluralistic nature of contemporary society.

  • Graduates will choose to study or work in multicultural settings either at home or abroad.
  • Students will demonstrate a deeper appreciation for cultural diversity and an understanding of global issues.
  • Enrolled students will travel abroad during their college years.
  • Employee groups and governing bodies will reflect the pluralistic nature of contemporary society.

Goal 3

Provide a supportive and welcoming environment to a diverse academic community.

  • Students enrolled in any program will fulfill their academic goals by successfully completing their degree work.
  • An increasing number of racially and culturally diverse students and employees will choose Marywood as a welcoming community.
  • Students from a cross-section of socio-economic groups will enroll in each incoming class.
  • Campus constituencies will express satisfaction with all campus services.

Goal 4

Prepare people for socially responsible leadership roles.

  • Students will participate in an internship or practicum experience.
  • Students will demonstrate a significant level of co-curricular activities.
  • Students will experience positive interactions with faculty members outside of class.
  • Employees will serve as role models of socially responsible leaders.

Goal 5

Provide a challenging instructional program.

  • Students will demonstrate achievement of cognitive skills at a level comparable to peers on standardized tests.
  • Students will demonstrate the ability to think critically by engaging in research activities and by developing problem solving strategies.
  • Students will demonstrate the ability to integrate the liberal arts tradition with their professional specializations.
  • Students will demonstrate competence in both information literacy skills and communications skills.
  • Faculty will provide evidence of ongoing scholarly activity.

Goal 6

Inspire a sense of personal responsibility for responding to social justice issues.

  • Faculty, staff and students will participate in projects designed to address social inequities.
  • Students will demonstrate knowledge of both national and international social justice issues.
  • Faculty, students and staff will serve as advocates for justice in their personal and professional lives.


04/17/04 - Reviewed by the Board of Trustees.
04/17/10 - Reviewed by the Board of Trustees.