Master of Public Administration (M.P.A.)

An Exclusive Online Program

A degree that you can count on. The Master of Public administration (MPA) is a professional academic degree that addresses issues of public affairs on city, county, state, and federal levels, as well as within the nonprofit sector, NGOs and international organizations. The MPA is soon to be scheduled to be completely online and classes will be offered through Moodle. Students can participate in the program from the comfort of their home.

The MPA examines public policy within theoretical and environmental context while developing skills needed for operational management of government and nonprofit organizations and networks. The MPA at Marywood University follows the guidelines set forth by the National Association of Schools of Public Affairs and Administration (NASPAA) for its curriculum. The program is designed for in-career and pre-career students and provides administrative and managerial skills development in public affairs by offering students comprehensive understanding of public service. Students become proficient in identifying important public issues, analyzing qualitative and quantitative information, communicating findings, and applying ethical courses of action.

The program offers three specializations: a General Public Administration, Nonprofit Management, and Homeland Security and Disaster Management. Read more about public administration 


Master of Health Services Administration (M.H.S.A.)

The M.H.S.A. program provides graduate education in health care administration for persons seeking careers in the management and administration of health care organizations and facilities. This degree is also a career development opportunity for individuals in the health services field. Read more about health services administration or download the fact sheet.

Master of Science in Gerontology (M.S. Gerontology)

A Master of Science Degree in Gerontology will offer students an opportunity to be better prepared for a career in health care fields related to the elderly. It will offer health care professionals the knowledge and ability to make continuous changes and improvements in how the elderly are cared for. Health care providers and administrators with gerontology background will be very valuable in the changing market place. Read more about gerontology or download the fact sheet.