Sharing The Spark of Excellence

Great and meaningful work usually begins with a spark—of interest, curiosity, and often a sincere desire to improve something. It involves the connection of relationship. It thrives on shared knowledge and experiences. It asks for much, and it returns more. That's what a Marywood education does; it generates a spark of excellence that must be shared, illuminating both the minds and the hearts of those who hold it. We see it reflected in mentorship, research, community involvement, and clinical services. These are just a few stories of the people and programs that transform the value of excellence into light for others, making a difference in their lives and in the community.

Free to Become More

Read the article (pg 16) by Sheryl Lynn Sochoka '92, about Public Administration professor Dr. Alexander Dawoody, his students, and mentoring.


Summer 2011 edition in PDF format