The B.A. in Health Services Administration-Gerontology Track is a special track that focuses on health care delivery to the elderly. The degree integrates courses in the social sciences as well as the liberal arts. An important program component is an internship in a nursing home, hospital, managed care facility, public health agency or other organization during the senior year. Advanced standing is available to qualified majors. Students' needs and goals are met, bringing the application of management skills from a theoretical model into the study of health care administration and the elderly. This degree meets the needs of current professionals who wish to move forward in their careers as well as preparing the health service administrators of tomorrow.

Students must meet undergraduate core curriculum requirements. In addition, the program requires all of the courses specified below.

  1. 127 credits are required for a degree.
  2. Transfer students must complete a minimum of 60 credits at Marywood University, divided equally between the major and the liberal arts.
  3. All courses in the major should be taken at Marywood University. Courses to complete the liberal arts requirements may be taken at other universities and transferred at the grade level of C or above.
  4. The student must maintain a QPA average of 2.5 in the major and 2.00 overall to graduate as well as be retained in the program.


Program requirements

for B.A. in Health Services Administration (Gerontology Track)

63 credits and cognate courses are required, spread across the following disciplines and departments:

I. Five Courses in Business Administration to Include:

BUS 103 Computer Tools for Management 3 credits
BUS 121 Principles of Management 3 credits
BUS 131 Accounting I 3 credits
BUS 132 Accounting II 3 credits
BUS 301 Management Information Systems 3 credits

II. Eight Courses in Sociology and Health Services Administration to Include:

SOC 214 Social Problems 3 credit
sSOC 216 Alcoholism and Other Addictions 3 credits
SOC 350 Medical Sociology 3 creditsSOC 451 Social Research 3 credits
SOC 452 Computer Applications in Social Research 3 credits
GER 435 Aging and Society (crosslisted SOC 400/HSA 435) 3 credits
HSA 402 Death and Dying (crosslisted SOC 402) 3 credits
HSA 430 Aging: Issues and Perspectives (crosslisted SW 430/SSCI 430) 3 credits
HSA 461 Administrative Practicum in Health Care Systems 3 credits

III. Four Courses in Gerontolgoy to Include:

GER 510 Concepts and Issues in Gerontology 3 credits
GER 525 Aging Changes and Health 3 credits
GER 530 Nutriton and the Elderly 3 credits
GER 520 Psychological Perspectives on Aging 3 credits
GER 529 Planning Healthcare Services for the Elderly 3 credits
GER 597 Internship 3 credits
GER 599 Practitioner's Seminar in Administration 3 credits

IV. Cognate Courses to Include:

ECON 100 Basic Economics 3 credits
PS 210 American Government and Politics 3 credits
PS 211 State and Local Government 3 credits
SOC 218 Anthropology 3 credits