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Meet "J.J." !

"If I show J.J. something once, I never have to show him again." -Laurie Munley

Click here to check out the brand new Reap College of Education and Human Development's Newsletter!  In it are highlights of the SOAR program as well as a student spotlight on a SOAR graduate, Rachel Boyer.   

Travis started working at the cafeteria last week. It was his first day on the job and he was very enthusiastic! It's always great to see someone who enjoys their job!

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Hi Everyone! Welcome back to the new year of SOAR! We have a video of Connor and Sean working together in the parts department doing inventory. Don't you think they make a great team?

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Please take a look at Marywood SOAR program's Christmas video. Happy Holidays everyone!

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Here is a flashback to SOAR Graduation this past year, with credit to filmmaker, Kevin Vogrin. We hope you all enjoy!

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#tbt We will be showing a very special video sometime next week and here is a hint of what's to come. Can you name these graduates? What is a favorite memory with a past graduate?

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Marywood SOAR Program added 3 new photos.

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