"Do small things with great love."

Mother Teresa

B.S.W. Social Work

Our Bachelor of Social Work program combines a liberal arts curriculum with courses in social-behavioral science and professional social work.

B.A. Health Services Administration

The B.A. in Health Services Administration-General Track prepares students for entry-level positions in the health field. The program provides the knowledge and skills necessary for administrative positions in nursing homes, hospitals, rehabilitation facilities, managed care, and the many other organizations providing health care in American society.

B.A. Health Services Gerontology

The B.A. in Health Services Administration-Gerontology Track is a special track that focuses on health care delivery to the elderly. The degree integrates courses in the social sciences as well as the liberal arts. An important program component is an internship in a nursing home, hospital, managed care facility, public health agency or other organization during the senior year.

5 Year Master's Degree

This combined bachelor's and master's degree program in Health Care Administration provides an advanced education for persons seeking careers in the management and administration of health care facilities and organizations.