Overall Organization Goals

  1. Create more efficient avenues for communication between students, faculty, and the university.
  2. Continue to invite University officials to Student Government Association General Assembly Meetings.
  3. Assist the Student Activities Crew in the annual Marywood Madness event.
  4. Advertise to the student body what SGA is as well as what SGA stands for and to more clearly define our role in the University.
  5. Implement New Club/Organization funding regulations.

Committee Goals (4 Committees)

  1. Work to obtain extended library hours.
  2. Construct a sidewalk and/or steps on the hill down to the Woodlands Apartments.
  3. Adjust the roster of classes so that the time listed reflects the actual in class time
  1. Instill a greater sense of pride in the Marywood Community.
  2. Continue work on and obtain a new Marywood University Mascot.
  3. Work to obtain longer business hours in the offices of the Liberal Arts Building to better accommodate commuters and students with time consuming schedules.
  1. Advertise effectively to the student body what Student Government (SGA) is, as well as the mission and values of the organization.
  2. More clearly define our (SGA) role in the University through various promotional events throughout the year.
  3. Provide more garbage cans around campus to avoid littering in addition to a cleaner environment for students and faculty.
  1. Work to insure a larger volume and variety of classes can offered.
  2. Host registration information sessions to better inform the students about how to register for courses.
  3. Work towards a universal syllabus and grading policy within the university.