2014 - 2015

Student Government Association


Executive Cabinet

Alexander Fallek
President 2014-2015
Chard Howley
VIce President 2014-2015
Melissa Kowalski
Secretary 2014-2015
Austin Collignon
Public Affairs 2014-2015
Emily Fella
Head of Senate 2014-2015

Elizabth Brunix
Class of 2015
Kristin Spronz
Class of 2015
Erin Raymond
Class of 2016
Danni Scribani
Class of 2017
Kerri Orr
Class of 2017
Jenna Edmonds
Class of 2018
Alexa Dolce
Class of 2018
House of Representatives 
Campus Ministry
Maria Temples
Commuter Representative 
Kayley Sullivan
Athletics Representative 
Thomas Muscarello
Resident Representative 
Carly Moore
Student Activities Representative 
Haley O'Brien
University Offices Representative 
Nico Granci
Safety and Security Representative 
Mike Plate
Food Services Representative 
Kelsey Fisher
Munley College of Liberal Arts and Sciences Representative 
Shivani Desi
College of Health and Human Services Representative 
Eric Petterson
Insalaco College of Creative and Performing Arts Representative 
Elspeth Peterson
Reap College of Education and Human Development Representative 
Kurt Kimsey
School of Architecture Representative