Ongoing Discounted Movie Tickets

Stop into Student Activities anytime to purchase discounted movie tickets for you and your friends!
December 1 Cinemark Theaters

We want you for SAC Squad!

Are you creative? Want to get involved? Like SAC Events? Become a part of SAC Squad!
Wednesday, Jan 13
3:00PM - 4pm
Learning Commons 312

MU Coffeehouse Series

Hang out, listen to music, and sip warm winter beverages!
Wednesday, Feb 3
8:30PM - 10:30pm
Fireplace Lounge

Superbowl Party

Join us to celebrate Superbowl 50 - both the game and the commercials!
Sunday, Feb 7
6:30PM - 10pm
Upper Main Dining

Apply to be on SAC!

Apply to be on the Student Activities Crew as a SAC shadow!
February 17 - 2/29/2016 Applications online

Around the World in 80 Minutes

Travel your way through the continents and compete with your team in fun challenges along the way!
Thursday, Feb 18
9:00PM - 10:20pm
Fireplace Lounge

The Quest

The gameshow-style search for crazy and obscure items is back!
Monday, Feb 29
9:00PM - 11pm
Latour Room