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Meet Erica, Communication Arts Educator, Coach and Compassionate Leader
“Compassion asks you to move from a life of reaction to a life in which you are mindful of your intentions…ask yourself where you are choosing to make your home in each moment—in suffering or in the end of suffering.” - Christina Feldman from Compassion—Listening to the Cries of the World
Erica is a dedicated and compassionate educator with more than 10 years of experience as an organizational development consultant, health communications professional, author and certified executive coach. She has a passion for education and is a PhD candidate completing her degree in leadership studies with a specialization in educational leadership at Alvernia University in Reading, PA.
She has cherished her time as a member of the Marywood community since the mid-90s and graduated with her master’s degree in health communication. Erica is also a faculty member in the graduate program for Communication Arts where she teaches COMM 522: Leadership in Communication.
In her classes, Erica fosters a positive and safe learning environment where students interested in communication can expect to be challenged and encouraged to be at their best—for themselves and the world. She facilitates dialogue on leadership principles based on compassion in action. She believes successful communication and kindness have a lot in common. Both require self-awareness and mindfulness (the ability to pay attention) which is essential in transformational leadership.
In addition to completing their final projects, Erica’s graduate students are currently participating in a “Random Acts of Kindness” challenge. Over the course of 24 hours, students will assert their leadership by communicating with others and completing five small acts of kindness. This will result in nearly 100 acts of kindness if each student completes the challenge over the next week! Compassion in action, indeed.
At work and play, Erica enjoys meeting new people from diverse backgrounds—even when she might be running in a half marathon race! She especially enjoys coaching and motivating others to connect to their heart space, life purpose and building community. Erica loves playing her djembe in drumming circles, hiking, listening and dancing to live music, laughing, experimenting with her camera in nature, being active in the healing arts and observing her young, adorable nieces and their various antics. Connect with Erica T. Mahady on LinkedIn to say hi and learn more!
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