This section is for Marywood University Web Content Editors. Web Content Editors are selected by their department to undergo CMS training in order to edit their department's webpage. In this section, you'll find tips, tricks, and guidelines to help make your page the best that it can be.

Definitions & Frequently Asked Questions

Meanings of terms we regularly toss around, and answers to common questions.

Getting Started

Helpful hints, tips & tricks to make your Marywood department website GREAT!

Official Webpage Guidelines

Find out what elements are required to be on all institutional pages at Marywood.

Website Fonts & Colors

Find out what the heading, paragraph and other styles look like on the website and usage of the Marywood logo.


Get step-by-step instructions on resizing photos, color correcting images, and how to use CMS elements to make your website more dynamic and easier to edit!


These resources give links to information about copyright, HTML, CSS, stock photos, and other helpful tools online.