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The"Paste from Word" button allows you to paste text into the CMS right from Microsoft Word without losing your formatting. If you paste text from Word and don't use the button, the content on your page may be mangled or even invisible to visitors using Internet Explorer.

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guide for academic departmentsThis guide is a sample website set up to show the recommended format for academic departments at Marywood University to use when developing and structuring the content for their website.

The guide will give you naming conventions for pages within your site, and examples of the type of information you should be providing, such as:

  • Program Highlights
  • Announcements
  • Academic Programs
  • Facilities
  • Admission Requirements
  • Program Completion Requirements
  • Faculty & Staff Listings
  • Student Clubs & Organizations
  • Accreditation
  • After Graduation
  • Student Research

Guide for Academic Departments