African Sisters Education Collaborative

Data Manager (Grant Position)


35 hrs. per wk, 52 wks. per yr., 8:30 am to 4:30 pm.

Summary of Duties

Formulates, implements, and enforces proper data collection policies and procedures.  Establishes data quality standards.  Works closely with program evaluators and staff to ensure data gathering standards are followed.  Organize data collected from appropriate data resources and manages PowerVista entry systems.  Ensures quality data collection techniques and procedures are established.  Supports team in ensuring Data System Management, data entry, maintenance of student records, scanning student records, uploading on PowerVista systems.  Manages contact with data collection software vendor.  Maintains close working relationship with software vendor, staff and partners.  Ensures data system is operational.  Assists SLDI and HESA evaluator with setup, testing, and implementation of data collection software, tools and systems.  Troubleshoots data submission errors and data error issues.  Ensures that all vendor updates are properly installed and rolled out.  Performs and documents procedures for data preparation including data cleaning, standardization and analysis.  Together with evaluators and staff, develops data collection and evaluation methodologies, including format design, project criteria and requirements, data compilation, relevancy and usage.  Determine completeness and adequacy of the data collection procedure.  Supports evaluators in data analysis and reporting.  Understands and ensures privacy law and standards.  Evaluates current systems to improve ASEC operations and data gathering systems.  Develops ad-hoc reports as necessary.  Foster relationships with ASEC partner universities and constituents.


  • Educational:

    Master’s Degree, and at least one year experience in statistics.  Technical expertise, computer applications for data collection, database management principles and practices of data management, data collection, data utilization, validation, research methodologies, report designs, presenting information to others to convey information, Microsoft Office Suite, GIS Knowledge, contact management, knowledge of analysis software (i.e.SPSS, SAS) data reporting and analytics competencies. 

  • Essential Elements:

    Must have excellent written, verbal, and interpersonal skills.  Service oriented and able to work in a team environment.  Possess analytical skills, attentive to details, logical thinking and problem solving skills.

How to Apply

A completed Marywood application is required.


          CONTACT:            Marywood University

                                        Office of Human Resources

                                        Liberal Arts Center 86