Art Department

Receptionist/Faculty Secretary - Part Time (Internal Only)


20 hrs. per wk, 52 wks. per yr.

Summary of Duties

Assist the Administrator by facilitating interaction with geographic community, college community, faculty, staff, and students. The secretary is responsible for the overall management of the work flow to meet established deadlines and the day to day operations of the SVAC building. Generates contracts, compile faculty schedules for chair’s approval. Monitor incoming calls.


  • Educational:

    High School Diploma with additional training in computer operations required.

  • Essential Elements:

    Needs to be professional and discreet in carrying out all aspects of the duties and responsibilities, be competent, efficient and possess strong interpersonal, communication and organizational skills. The secretary must possess the ability to work under pressure in a dynamic and large department, balancing priorities and a wide range of tasks.

How to Apply

A completed Marywood application is required, an office skills test may be required.


         CONTACT:            Marywood University

                                       Office of Human Resources

                                       Liberal Arts Center 86