#3 Lab Assistant

Department: Architecture

Job Title: #3 Lab Assistant

Semesters needed: Fall,Spring

Hours Scheduled

Monday: To Be Determined [0.0 hours]
Tuesday: To Be Determined [0.0 hours]
Wednesday: To Be Determined [0.0 hours]
Thursday: To Be Determined [0.0 hours]
Friday: To Be Determined [0.0 hours]
Variable Hours: 0.0 hours

General Duties: Architecture CAD Lab,Data Entry,Heavy Lifting

Description of Duties:

The School of Architecture (SOA) positions include: Plotter room and CAD Lab replenishment and support; Frabrication Lab student assistance and machine maintenance; Wood/Metal Shop Assistant; SOA Resource Library Assistant; Building Maintanence and Accreditation support.

To apply contact:

Lucia Riggi-Murray