#5 Art Gallery Assistant

Department: Art Galleries - Mahady Gallery, Maslow Gallery, and Suraci Gallery

Job Title: #5 Art Gallery Assistant

Semesters needed: Fall,Spring

Hours Scheduled

Sunday: To Be Determined [0.0 hours]
Monday: To Be Determined [0.0 hours]
Tuesday: To Be Determined [0.0 hours]
Wednesday: To Be Determined [0.0 hours]
Thursday: To Be Determined [0.0 hours]
Friday: To Be Determined [0.0 hours]
Saturday: To Be Determined [0.0 hours]
Variable Hours: 15.0 hours

General Duties: Art Gallery Assistant,Data Entry,Filing,Heavy Lifting,Receptionist

Description of Duties:

Provide attentive gallery coverage and security of the gallery and artwork on display, to engage with the public in a positive way, be a representative of the Art Galleries and University; help with installations, and office tasks; be reliable and responsible; must be able to work day shifts, evening shift and weekend shift and work receptions on occasional weekend evenings. Art students preferred, but not required, although interest in art and position is crucial.

To apply contact:

Leslie Christianson