Marywood faculty are dedicated, competent professionals, whose teaching role is primary. All are committed to the service of the University, the community and their disciplines and act on this commitment in devoting time and energy to a wide variety of activities that enrich and enhance both the University and the surrounding communities. They contribute their talent to strategic planning, grant writing, and recruitment activities, as well as by serving on University-wide committees.

Over recent years, the faculty have been the beneficiaries of higher compensation levels, increased faculty development opportunities, and greater access to technology. In return they have increased their scholarly productivity, their visibility and leadership in professional associations, and their creative endeavors (See Current Professional Activity).

Faculty Data


Full-time faculty
Pro rata faculty 

  • The full-time faculty are:
    40.1% tenured
    89.7% have terminal degrees

Number of Full-time Faculty by Rank and Gender


Male Female Total


13 10 23

Associate Professor

23 27 50

Assistant Professor

35 40 75


1 2 3
Clinical Instructor 1 15 16
  73 114 167