Taking care of business online

Your campus experience will include some time spent taking care of practical matters, such as registering for classes, requesting transcripts, and paying tuition. Find out which transactions and the services that support them that can be handled online and at a distance.

Managing Your Personal Information


What personal information can you view online?

Marywood students have access to the MarywoodYOU portal where they can review their personal information, check their grades, and review student loan information, and pay bills.

Can you update any of this information online yourself?

At this time, students cannot update this information online.

Conducting Business

Which of the following can you do online?

The following tasks can be completed online:

  • Apply for admission and financial aid
  • Review account balance and pay bills
  • View financial aid awards
  • Register for, add, and drop courses
  • Learn course grades
  • View and print unofficial transcripts
  • Check progress toward completion of degree requirements
  • Manage meal plans
  • Pay parking tickets

What campus and community services are covered by debit card, smart-card
, or one-card systems?

ID cards allow students to purchase food, borrow library books, and access buildings. A separate smart-card is used for copy machines and printers.

Is the school catalog (including course descriptions, degree requirements, academic policies, and schedule of classes) available on the web?

Yes, the undergradute catalog and graduate catalog are both available online.

Privacy, Security & Usage Rules

What security and privacy policies are in place to protect student information?

Marywood's policy on the confidentiality of student records is consistent with the Family Education Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA). Furthermore, we have security systems and other policies in place to protect confidential student information.

How does the campus educate students and protect them from identity theft?

The Office of Student Life offers occasional workshops on safeguarding your identity. Marywood recommends anti-virus and anti-spyware software to protect personal computers and prevent identity theft.

How does the campus notify students of their rights under the federal Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA)?

Students are educated about their rights and responsibilities for protecting their information under FERPA during new student orientation programs.

How does the campus manage e-mail spam and spyware?

Marywood e-mail accounts are protected by sophisticated spam and spyware filtering.