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Faculty News: John Meza exhibition

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John Meza: Longwood Art Gallery (Bronx, NY), Toys & Games with a Twist exhibition

Toys & Games with a Twist is a multi-media exhibition of paintings, drawings, sculpture, video, and board and video games that investigates and comments on issues of construction of gender roles and stereotypes, consumerism, hierarchies of power, globalization, migration, memory and loss, fantasy, the environment, love, war, violence, urban and popular culture.

Artists include: Jennifer Bakalar, daniel Baltzer, Amir Bey, Chris Bors, Peter A. Brinson & Kurosh ValaNejad, Nick Black, Mark Blackshear, Anton Cabaleiro, Melissa A. Calderon, Hector Canonge, Gigi Chen, William Corwin, Regina Farrell, Susan Finch, Orlando Franco, Terri Gold, Rory Golden, Andra Gunraj, Christopher Hart Chambers, Meredith Hedges, Jessica Kaire, Zoe Keramea, nancy koan, Reiko Kawahara, Sujin Lee, Zaun Lee, Cecilia Mandrile, Lawrence Mascia & Clay Ewing, Nao Matsumoto, Ashley McClennon, John Meza, Ira Merritt & Aaron Olshan, Niu Miao & Don Lei Wei , Ricardo Miranda-Zuñiga, Chalice Mitchell, Alfonso Muñoz, Shervone Neckles, Douglas Newton, Erika Pettersen, Dave Rittinger, Margaret Roleke, Peter Rywelski, Miriam Schaer, Jamel Shabazz, StatusHoe Collective, Fred Stesney, Tattfoo Tan, Monica Velez, Jose A. Vicenty, Bree Westphal, and Mary Wharmby. This exhibition was curated by Longwood Gallery Director Juanita Lanzo and Vanessa Gonzalez.

For Toys and Games with a Twist, Longwood is partnering with Curate NYC, a juried exhibition and online marketplace that exists to heighten exposure and opportunities for New York City visual artists. The project also helps promote New York City’s image as a vital cultural hub. Launched in 2010 by Full Spectrum Experience, Inc. and the New York City Economic Development Corporation, Curate NYC provides a free online platform for curators, collectors, and art lovers everywhere to discover work by hundreds of local artists.

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