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The Marywood University Print Guild is now online. After weeks of detailed cataloging, Professor Peter Hoffer is proud to announce the launch of the digital version of the Marywood University Print Guild. The guild was formed in 2003 under the direction of Peter Hoffer, Director of the Printmaking Program. The guild enables art faculty and students to create, trade, and promote quality, limited edition prints, referred to as multiple-originals. The years in which a suite of prints has been produced are indicated in the images displayed.

As seen, numerous and varied images have resulted over the years, all of which appear on paper measuring 8” x 10 “.  In some prints an image covers the entire paper surface; in other instances the use of borders is apparent.  At times a theme or idea is used, but generally artists choose their own subject or idea, usually explained in the artist’s description and statement (colophon).  Every year one suite of prints is set aside for the print collection, as well as several suites reserved for presentation or auction purposes. New works will be added each year.

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