Art Minor

Photos of Shannon Atwell in London and riding a camel

Shannon Atwell

Graphic Design Major
Studied in London, England

"By far, it was the most incredible experience of my life. Not only did I make lifelong friends from all over the world, I was able to travel to ten different countries, be inspired by my surroundings, and fully immerse myself in a new culture."

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How Do I Add A Minor In Art?

1. Choose Your Area of Interest (download course sequence)

2. Fill Out the Add Minor Form

Pick up a copy of the Declaration of Intention to Pursue an Additional Goal form at the Registrar’s office or download the Add Minor PDF. Then fill it out and have it signed by the Director of the Department of Visual Arts.

3. Bring your Completed Form to the Registrar

Once the Registrar receives your signed Declaration of Intention to Pursue an Additional Goal form, they can officially add your new minor to your degree goal objectives.

For additional questions about adding an Art Minor, please contact the Director of the Department of Visual Arts at (570) 348-6278 or

Who Should Minor In Art?

Art students
An art minor is an attractive option for students majoring in studio art, design, or art therapy, since these programs already require up to 12 credits in art, which count toward the minor. An art minor is a natural complement to any studio art training, as well as graphic design, art history, art administration, and art therapy, strengthening the content and articulation of a student's own art.

Business and Communications students
A minor in studio art gives students who anticipate working in marketing and communications valuable first hand experience with the artistic materials and techniques that will be used in their future careers. In today's competitive job market, an art minor provides first hand experience with new materials, fosters appreciation for the creative arts, and enhances communication skills within the art and design community.

Other students
An art minor helps students prepare for admission to graduate schools, leading to rewarding careers in the arts. In addition, an art minor draws upon other disciplines to help students develop critical thinking and research skills. It's the perfect complement to a major in history, art history, arts administration, English, philosophy, theater, or any other program.