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Ideas for Spreading Holiday Cheer
Marywood University News
Marywood University News
November 05, 2020

Ideas for spreading

Holiday Cheer

Christmas fun!

Christmas history, stories, activities, recipes, crafts, jokes and more!

Letters to and from Santa

Personalized video from Santa

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PrayersAdvent Prayers

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Christmas Eve Prayers

🎄 Santa’s Christmas Prayer  

Christmas & Winter Jokes

Where do snowmen love to dance?
         ❆ At a snowball

What did Jack Frost say to Frosty the Snowman?
         ❆ “Have an ice day!”

Where do snowmen put their money?
         ❆ Snowbanks

What do elves post on Social Media?
         ❆ Elf-ies

What does a gingerbread man put on his bed?
         ❆ A cookie sheet

Why did the girl keep her trumpet out in the snow?
            ❆ Because she liked cool music

What's Santa's favorite type of music?
         ❆ Wrap

What kind of motorcycle does Santa ride?
            ❆ A Holly Davidson

What happens if you eat Christmas decorations?
            ❆ You get tinsel-itis.

What do Santa's elves learn in school?
            ❆ The elf-abet.

How can you tell that Santa is real?
            ❆ You can always sense his presents
What do you call a snowman temper tantrum?
            ❆ A meltdown

Knock, knock                         Knock, knock

Who’s there?                         Who’s there?
Icy                                          Scold
Icy who?                                Scold who?
Icy you!                                  Scold outside!

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