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"The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others." --Mahatma Gandhi

Community Service & Social Justice 

We not only volunteer to lend a hand, but we question injustices that exist and do our part to work toward systemic change.  Whether you are part of a club, fulfilling a service-learning requirement, or looking to expand your own horizons, there are a number of meaningful opportunities that will leave a lasting impact on both you and the communities in which you serve.

Volunteers in Action (VIA)

Volunteers in Action (VIA) is a club for students interested in community and on-campus service projects. Students have the opportunity to gather with others who have similar interests, to learn about and sign up for service opportunities, and to assist with planning events sponsored by the club. Everyone is welcome to attend. Meetings are scheduled every other Monday throughout the academic year.

Visit Our Facebook Page President: Rebecca Skakal
Vice President:
Jessica Burkovich
Secretary: Nadine Burton
Treasurer: Kelby Cole
Advisor: Ann O'Brien

Service Trips 

Hundreds of Marywood students have experienced a national or international service trip.  The International Service Program consists of ten to twelve-day trips to various locations primarily in Central & South America and the Caribbean during Spring Break. The National Service Program consists of weekend or seven to ten-day trips to various locations throughout the country during fall, spring, and summer breaks.

Alternative Break Program 

Marywood’s Alternative Break Program consists of weekend, week, and two-week trips to various locations throughout the world during fall, spring, and summer breaks. Most trips are coordinated with faith-based, not-for-profit organizations that rely on volunteers to respond to various needs in their communities. The intent of these trips is to allow students to participate in a community service experience with a program that responds to some of the most pressing needs of underserved people in our world. This opportunity intends to help students gain a better understanding of injustices and poverty in our world, as well as foster a desire to work towards change, justice, peace, and compassion for all in light of Catholic social teaching.

Project SMILE

Showing Marywood's Incredible Love Everyday

What are we?  An organization that works with CIC, the Community Intervention Center located in downtown Scranton: a drop-in center that helps people who are homeless find an opportunity for a second chance at a better life!

What do we do?  Monthly trips to CIC to play games with the clients & spend time with them; looking for musicians to perform for them and art students to paint with them!

How do I get involved?  Contact Campus Ministry, for more information.


Academic service-learning is a structured educational experience integrated into the curriculum at Marywood.