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Retreat programs help to focus our attention on the invitation of God and our response to God in various aspects of our lives. Through a variety of programs and formats, Campus Ministry invites people to deepen their spiritual awareness within a supportive, affirming community. The retreat offerings aim to meet members of the Marywood University community in their particular interests or needs, and Marywood Campus Ministry provides a selection of retreat opportunities with different styles for promoting deeper communion with God and others.

ASCENT (Freshman Retreat)

The ASCENT Retreat is a retreat designed especially for first-year students.  This 24-hour experience gives students an opportunity to get off campus, meet other first-year students, explore their faith traditions, and reflect on their hopes and anxieties about their future at Marywood. Facilitated by upperclass Marywood students, this is a fun and meaningful way to begin your college experience.



Financial assistance is available upon request.  Please contact for more information.

Retreat for Busy People

Each semester, Campus Ministry organizes the Retreat for Busy People as an opportunity for members of the Marywood community to quiet themselves and to become more conscious of the presence of God amid the ordinariness of daily life.

Search Retreat

The Search Retreat takes place each year in February and focuses on exploring the various dynamics within and around students. 

Senior Retreat

The Senior Retreat is a chance for seniors to get together to relive cherished memories of their Marywood experience, to focus on the present, and to consider the future through talks given by current seniors and young alumni , socialization and relaxation, and structured prayer experiences. 


Financial assistance is available upon request.  Please contact for more information.

Spiritual Direction

An ongoing one-to-one conversation with an experienced spiritual director to deepen the awareness of God's love in prayer.