Date Location Cause Injuries Fire Department
09/23/17 Loughran Hall 308B Hair dryer Dunmore
09/17/17 Loughran Hall Student bumped detector Dunmore
09/05/17 Loughran Hall Room 204B Student sprayed Fabreese Dunmore
08/27/17 Loughran Hall cooking Dunmore
08/26/17 Loughran Hall Hair Spray and Hair dryer Dunmore
08/17/17 Athletic Center heat and steam triggered alarm Dunmore
08/10/17 Behind Baseball Field Brush fire Scranton
08/08/17 Our Lady of Peace Dirty detector Dunmore
07/30/17 Regina Hall Burnt Cookies Dunmore
06/06/17 Regina Hall Student cooking Dunmore
05/31/17 Immaculata Hall Dunmore
05/23/17 Regina Hall Room 218 Student sprayed Fabreeze Dunmore
05/19/17 Mellow Center Vehicle Fire Dunmore
05/19/17 Mellow Center Vehicle Fire Dunmore
04/10/17 Loughran Hall 116A Burnt popcorn Dunmore
04/05/17 Loughran Hall Burnt Toast Dunmore
02/27/17 Nazareth Hall excessive smoke caused by vent not being turned on Dunmore
02/15/17 Maintenance Building Boiler Room Steam Dunmore
02/14/17 Woodlands Apartments Building 8 Burnt Food Scranton
02/14/17 Maintenance Building Unknown Dunmore
02/11/17 Loughran Hall Hair straightener Dunmore
02/10/17 Insalaco Center for Studio Arts Dunmore
02/04/17 Mellow Center damaged pull station Dunmore
01/19/17 Madonna Hall Hair straightener Dunmore
01/10/17 Fricchione Day Care Center Child set off alarm Dunmore