Date Location Cause Injuries Fire Department
08/13/16 South Campus Unknown Scranton
08/12/16 South Campus Unknown Scranton
08/10/16 South Campus Unknown

Scranton and Dunmore Fire Departments both responded.

08/08/16 Science Center Odor of Gas Dunmore
07/30/16 Liberal Arts Center contractor sanding floor set off smoke alarm Dunmore
06/17/16 South Campus vandalism Dunmore
05/25/16 OLP Burnt Tortilla Roll Dunmore
05/21/16 Regina Hall Basement Dunmore
05/11/16 Loughran Hall Room 247A shower steam set the alarm off Dunmore
05/06/16 Mellow Center Fire extinguisher fell and discharged causing alarm Dunmore
05/01/16 Loughran Hall Room 339A Hair Straightener Dunmore
04/22/16 Regina Hall - Room 425 Student sprayed air freshner Dunmore
03/18/16 Nazareth Hall Burnt popcorn Dunmore
03/10/16 South Campus O'Donnell Bldg - 1st floor smoke head 170 Dunmore
03/06/16 Woodlands Building 3 - Apartment 8 - Room 1 Unknown Scranton
02/24/16 Soouth Campus pull stations activated Scranton
02/23/16 Regina Hall Room 413 Unknown Dunmore
02/22/16 Woodlands 6 - Apartment 17 Residents cooking Scranton
02/17/16 South Campus Dunmore
02/16/16 South Campus mechanical malfunction on the 2nd floor room 5 Scranton
02/10/16 Loughran Hall 220B Hair straightener Dunmore
01/16/16 Nazareth Hall Smoke from Panni Machine Dunmore
01/07/16 Fricchione Day Care Child pulled alarm Dunmore
12/14/15 Domiano Center for Student Life Dunmore
12/09/15 Nazareth Hall unknown Dunmore