Date Location Cause Injuries Fire Department
08/30/15 Loughran Hall 208B Hair Dryer Dunmore
08/30/15 Regina Hall 405 E-Cigarette smoke Dunmore
08/24/15 Regina Hall Steam from shower Dunmore
08/24/15 Regina Hall Cigarette smoke Dunmore
08/17/15 Mellow Center Burnt motor Dunmore
08/11/15 Our Lady of Peace faulty smoke detector Dunmore
08/08/15 Science Center unknown Dunmore
07/29/15 Veterans Resource Center Burnt Food Scranton
07/17/15 Regina Hall Pull station was bumped and broken Dunmore
07/15/15 Immaculata Hall contractors mixing cement set off alarm Dunmore
06/22/15 Woodlands Apartment 11 Smoke from cooking Dunmore
06/20/15 Sette LaVerghetta Center for Performing Arts Student activated pull station (False Alarm) Scranton
06/20/15 Loughran Hall Room 203A and 203B Unfounded Dunmore
06/15/15 South Campus Scranton
05/14/15 Boiler Room cloud of steam reaching smoke beam Dunmore
05/12/15 South Campus faulty smoke detector Dunmore
05/10/15 Boiler Room N/A Dunmore
04/22/15 Woodland Apartments Building 9 unknown Scranton
04/19/15 OLP pull station was pulled Dunmore
04/10/15 Regina Hall Burnt Food Dunmore
04/05/15 Regina Hall Students cooking Dunmore
03/18/15 Immaculata Hall Dust

The contractors cut a hole in the wall causing dust which set the fire alarm off.

02/27/15 Science Center Dunmore
02/19/15 Sette LaVerghetta Center for the Performing Arts Steam from Heater malfunctioned Scranton
02/12/15 Regina Hall Heat Detector 65 was activated in the First Stop Dunmore