Date Time Location Description Police Disposition
04/15/15 07:01 AM Learning Resource Center

A student reported a Cannon Rebel T31 Camera was taken from the Learning Resource Center.


N/A Closed
04/13/15 06:59 AM Learning Resource Center

A student had her bookbag stolen fromthe Learning Resource Center.

N/A Open
04/12/15 10:43 AM Loughran Hall

It was reported to Campus Safety there was a 2" hole in the wall near Room 010A of Loughran Hall.

N/A Open
04/08/15 06:58 AM Pit Parking Lot

A boot was stolen from a vehicle that was booted in the Pit Parking Lot.

N/A Open
04/06/15 08:35 AM Lower Freshman Lot

A man was spotted taking recycables out of the dumpster in the Lower Freshman Parking Lot.  No police involvement was necessary.

N/A Closed
04/01/15 06:55 AM Dimmock St

Two female students were harassed by employees of JP Mascaro while walking towards the Sette LaVerghetta Center for the Performing Arts parking lot.

N/A Open
03/03/15 09:10 AM University Avenue

The pedestrian crossing sign is missing from University Avenue.

N/A Open
02/26/15 06:55 AM McGowan Center

Vandalism to the baseboard left of the Human Physiology Lab in the McGowan Center.

N/A Open
02/18/15 06:57 AM Learning Resource Center

At the Learning Resource Center the Penthouse door was found vandalized.

N/A Open
02/14/15 07:37 AM Sette LeVerghetta Center for Performing Arts

Two students had credit cards,  debit cards and student ID cards stolen out of their purses outside of room 104 during orchestra practice.

N/A Open
02/14/15 07:41 AM Learning Resource Center

Student had his wallet stolen from the third floor restroom in the Learning Resource Center.

N/A Open
01/21/15 06:44 AM Loughran Hall

Vandalism - Loughran Hall handicapped door paddle is missing.

N/A Open
01/21/15 06:45 AM Mellow Center

Vandalism - The rear basketball court door window has been broken and 1 1/2 feet of bleacher seating has been torn out and is missing in the Mellow Center.

N/A Open
12/15/14 07:18 AM McGowan Center

The coat rack located on the wall near Room 1016 in the McGowan Center was reported missing.

N/A Open
11/19/14 10:47 AM Science Center Labo 307

It was reported to Campus Safety that formic acid was missing from the Science Center.

N/A Open
11/14/14 07:01 AM Nazareth Hall

A hole was punched in the wall in Nazareth Hall - Terrace Floor.

N/A Open
11/13/14 06:49 AM Maintenance

A license plate was taken from one of the Marywood University fleet vehicles.

N/A Open
10/31/14 06:47 AM Liberal Arts Center

Cell phone was taken from the Liberal Arts Center.

N/A Open
10/15/14 07:02 AM Off Campus

A commuter student reported she was being stalked by a man off campus.  Scranton Police were contacted and a report was filed.

Scranton Police Department Reported
10/08/14 01:59 PM Sette LaVerghetta Center for the Performing Arts

A 2010 Black Jeep Wrangler had its passenger side window smashed in the Sette LaVerghetta Center for the Performing Arts.

Scranton Police Department Open
10/01/14 06:46 AM Liberal Arts Center

While in the ladies bathroom in the Liberal Arts Center a student had prescription drugs taken out of her purse.

N/A Open
07/24/14 11:37 AM Nazareth Hall

It was reported to Campus Safety that the men's room in Nazareth Hall Terrace floor has been vandalized.

N/A Open
07/10/14 07:22 AM Nazareth Hall

The men's bathroom in Nazareth Hall was vandalized and the urinal broken.

N/A Reported
07/09/14 07:27 AM VAC

It was reported to Campus Safety that a keyboard and mouse was missing from the VAC.

N/A Reported
05/21/14 07:52 AM Maintenance Garage

It was reported to Campus Safety that a 1.5 Horsepower motor was missing from the Maintenance Garage.

Dunmore Police Department Open