Date Time Location Description Police Disposition
05/16/17 08:45 AM Regina Hall

Resident student was charged with a sex offense.

04/19/17 05:00 PM McGowan Center Room 1017

Cash was taken from an envelope in the McGowan Center Room 1017.

N/A Open
04/10/17 12:00 PM off campus

Student was charged with Theft and Larceny by Dunmore Police Department.

Dunmore Police Department Open
04/08/17 09:00 AM Woodlands Parking Lot

Student's vehicle was vandalized in the Woodlands Parking Lot.

N/A Open
04/07/17 01:45 PM Marywood University

A soccer player was harrassing another student.

N/A Open
03/26/17 11:00 PM Nazareth Hall

Vandalism - vending machine in Nazareth Hall was forced open.

N/A Open
02/15/17 02:30 PM Upper Freshman Parking Lot

Catalytic Converter was stolen from a vehicle parked in the Upper Freshman Parking Lot.

N/A Open
02/14/17 01:45 AM Madonna Hall

Resident female student reported being raped.

Dunmore Police Department Open
02/13/17 01:30 PM Upper Freshman Parking Lot

On the above date at 1:30 PM and 5:40 PM two catalytic converters were taken off vehicles parked in the Upper Freshman Parking Lot.

Dunmore Police Department Open
02/03/17 08:00 AM Ceramic Studio

Pottery Tools and a DVD were taken from the Ceramic Studio.

N/A Open
01/18/17 10:00 AM Studio Arts Center

Report of a theft in the Studio Arts Center.  Tubes of paint, Razor Blades and a sewing machine were taken from rooms 255, 326 and 332.

N/A Open
01/17/17 09:00 AM Marywood University

A resident student reported being harassed by another student.

N/A Open
01/05/17 06:15 AM Maxis Lane

Bullet hole found in the digital electric sign on Maxis Lane.

N/A Open
01/05/17 03:00 AM South Campus

Broken Windows found at South Campus.

N/A Open
12/01/16 11:00 AM Science Center

Vandalism in the Science Center Room 300

N/A Open
11/26/16 12:15 AM South Campus

Vandalism/destruction at South Campus.

Dunmore Police Department Open
10/30/16 01:00 AM Vine Street, Scranton, PA

Resident student was sexually assaulted at a house on Vine Street, Scranton, PA

Scranton Police Department Open
10/29/16 01:45 AM Regina Hall

Campus Safety Officers were assaulted by a resident student. 

Dunmore Police Department Open
09/13/16 08:00 AM Regina Hall Desk

Two black chairs were found missing from Regina Hall Desk.

N/A Open
09/06/16 01:15 PM PAC Parking Lot

A resident student was harassing another student.

N/A Open
09/02/16 10:15 AM Science Center

It was reported that three (3) sets of Waders and tools were missing.

N/A Open
08/30/16 11:00 PM Regina Hall

Vandalism outside Room 406 of Regina Hall.

N/A Open
08/30/16 10:30 AM Learning Commons

Theft - 3 CDs and a digital interface (computer equipment) were taken from the Learning Commons.

N/A Open
08/06/16 10:45 PM Liberal Arts Center

Graffiti on the 3rd floor stairwell.

N/A Open
08/02/16 11:15 AM LAC 70


Dunmore Open