Career Services: Important Warning


The Career Services Center was informed recently of an incident that involved a student who responded to a job posting on the CollegeCentral website. The vacancy announcement has been listed with different contact names and the position advertised - Part-time Personal Assistant/Errand Runner - also has changed slightly. The ad appears to be legitimate, but the address cannot be verified. This and other ads requesting personal information and payments of any form may be scams. If you are contacted regarding such a vacancy - do not reply. Please notify us at (570 348-6247) and appropriate law enforcement authorities if you have had a similar experience. If you responded to such a posting already and provided your address and phone number, we recommend that you stop all contact, block emails and notify the police and/or the Office of the Attorney General of the state in which you live:

Bureau of Consumer Protection Complaint Form

The Attorney General cannot act as your private attorney. As a law enforcement agency, the primary function of the office is to represent the public at large by enforcing laws prohibiting fraudulent or deceptive trade practices that impact the public interest.

Any correspondence, including checks or other forms of payment you may have received in response to an application for any of these positions should be turned over to authorities. Also, please notify banks and credit card companies and change accounts and passwords.

To assure privacy and protection when applying for positions listed online, you are advised not to provide social security numbers or credit card or bank account information to a prospective employer and not to complete any sort of monetary transaction. (CollegeCentral website – It is advisable that users of the Network read carefully the Terms of Service Agreement which can be found on the website.

*Adapted from a statement of the Career Services Center at the University of the Sciences - Philadelphia, PA



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