NoticeThe Fall 2015 Semester statements are available on the MarywoodYOU portal on Monday, July 6th to view and print.  PAPER STATEMENTS WILL NOT BE MAILED TO RETURNING STUDENTS.  Payment due date is August 3, 2015.
Refund Checks:  If you are eligible for a refund check, you will receive an email to your Marywood email address with the Subject Line: "Refunds are available at the Cashier's Office", notifying you that your check is ready.  Please note: If you do not receive this email, a refund is not available.   
Until the Pennsylvania State budget is passed, the funding for the PHEAA Grants will not be disbursed.  When you review your account on the portal, you will see that the PHEAA Grant funds are in the Anticipated column. Once disbursed, the funds will be seen in the Disbursed column.  Refunds based on PHEAA Grant money will not be issued until the funds have  been disbursed.                              
The Fall Semester tuition payment due date was August 3, 2015 or upon registration after that date. The $40.00 Deferred Payment Fee will be assessed on October 2, 2015 to accounts that have overdue Fall Semester tuition.  The deferred payment fee will not be assessed to those accounts that receive OVR, Veteran's/Military benefits, are on an Official Payment Plan, Employer Deferred or have other outside funding that is still anticipated. 


Enhanced Student Account Information

Vital Facts:

  1. Tuition and Fees
  2. Explanations and Details of All the Fees
  3. Estimated costs of Attending
  4. Important Dates and Deadlines for Students
  5. Payment Options Details
  6. Complete Pertinent Financial Facts
  7. Federal Perkins Loan Facts

Financial Tasks:

  1. Payment of Tuition, Fees, Room and Board
  2. Withdrawals and Refunds
  3. Deferment Options - arranging for Student Loans and Financial Aid to pay your bills.