Summer I and II Semester statements are available on the MarywoodYOU portal. The payment due dates were 5/1/2017 (or upon registration if after this date) for Summer I, and 6/16/2017 (or upon registration if after this date) for Summer II. No paper statements will be mailed. (Use Internet Explorer or Firefox as your browser, as Chrome and other browsers do not function well.)
eRefunds will be available for the Summer I and Summer II Semesters. By signing up online, you can get your refunds deposited directly into your bank account. To the left on this webpage, just click on Pay My Bill and you will be redirected to the Student Payment Center. Click on the Refund Account Setup link. Enter your banking information and follow the prompts to complete the process. (Please note there is a $1.00 per eRefund charge and you must have a Refund Form on file in the Cashier's Office.)
Withdrawal: Students who decide not to attend must notify the Academic Records Office in writing or drop classes via the web, by May 22, 2017 for Summer I and by July 14, 2017 for Summer II in order to receive a reduction of charges for those courses scheduled within institutional session parameters. Other courses may have different cutoff dates. Contact the Academic Records Office if you need information on a specific course. Non-attendance or non-payment does not constitute notification of withdrawal.

Vital Facts:

  1. Tuition and Fees
  2. Explanations and Details of All the Fees
  3. Estimated costs of Attending
  4. Important Dates and Deadlines for Students
  5. Payment Options Details
  6. Complete Pertinent Financial Facts
  7. Federal Perkins Loan Facts

Financial Tasks:

  1. Payment of Tuition, Fees, Room and Board
  2. Withdrawals and Refunds
  3. Deferment Options - arranging for Student Loans and Financial Aid to pay your bills.