What a PhD in Human Development did for

Dr. Amy Paciej-Woodruff

Position: Assistant Vice President for Student Life, Marywood University

Dissertation Topic: The Relationship Between the Level of Engagement and the Development of Masculinity Identity Among Male College Students

"Each week I found myself looking forward to the rich, in-class discussions with my cohort. I came to cherish the variety of perspectives and personalities and would not have grown as much as I did without being part of that group."

  • BA from Lock Haven University
  • MS from University of Rochester
  • Ph.D. in Human Development with Concentration in Higher Education Administration, Marywood University

The primary responsibility of the Assistant Vice President for Student Life is to serve as a student advocate, to consider the overall Marywood student experience beyond the classroom, and to develop and coordinate policies to promote this experience. The overall experience of students is based on a combination of academic programs, student services, and social activities, including student clubs and organizations.In all of these activities, the Assistant Vice President for Student Life works closely with staff in various campus offices, as well as undergraduate and graduate students, to promote a positive student experience.

The position involves policy development, crisis management, chair the behavioral intervention team,  chair the behavioral Intervention team, ensure federal regulation compliance (i.e. Title IX), supervise several departments, strategic planning, and budgeting.