What a PhD in Human Development did for

Dr. William Miller

Position: Graduation Program Coordinator, Wilkes University School of Nursing

Dissertation Topic: An Exploration of the Impact of Barriers to Nurse Practitioners Working in Primary Care: A Descriptive Study

""The interdisciplinary nature of the doctoral program at Marywood University has taught me to expand my thinking and view both triumphs and obstacles from a variety of perspectives. This has helped me realize that the problems in healthcare will not be solved by reacting in the same manner as before. The solution lies in being proactive and expanding the concepts of primary care beyond the current model. We must reach into the community and provide individuals with the knowledge and services they need to improve their health.""


BS in Health Science, Lock Haven University of Pennsylvania

MHA in Health Administration, The Pennsylvania State University

Ph.D. in Human Development with a Concentration in Health Promotion, Marywood University

Dr. Miller also serves as an Adjunct Faculty member at the Wilkes University School of Nursing; Wilkes University's Jay S. Sidhu School of Business & Leadership, and in Marywood University's Administrative Studies Program. He is the 2014 recipient of the William G. McGowan Medal for Excellence in Doctoral Studies at Marywood University.

Prior to his transition to academia, Dr. Miller had over 15 years of customer service and healthcare experience in both not-for-profit and for-profit organizations in which he assumed various roles encompassing general administration and oversight, marketing, staff development, budgeting, and client relationship management. In his current role as the Graduate Program Coordinator for the Wilkes School of Nursing, he is responsible for the administration and operation of the school's online graduate programs. William was instrumental in the development of the Nurse Executive curriculum and the management and leadership courses for the concentration, and is adjunct faculty within the concentration.

His research agenda in Marywood's doctoral program centered on addressing the inequities in patient access to healthcare, especially the issues in primary care.