• Michael Mirabito, Ph.D.

Department Secretary

  • Patricia Trojanowicz


  • Douglas Lawrence, Ph.D., Director of Health Communication Program; Adviser Digital Media Program
  • Ernie Mengoni, B.A., Director of Broadcast Operations
  • Lindsey Wotanis, Ph.D., Director of Journalism Program
  • Chris Norton, Adjunct; Digital Media
  • Patricia Richards, M.A., Lecturer in Communication
  • Paul J. Sevensky, M.A., Co-Director of Advertising/PR Program 
  • Catherine Bolton, M.S., Co-Director of Advertising/PR Program
  • Iris Davison, Adjunct; Digital Media
  • David Jackman, M.A., Adjunct; Digital Media
  • Kim Del Valle; M.A., Assistant to the Broadcast Operations Director; Adjunct