Student Spotlight

"Marywood has given me the opportunity to fulfill a lifetime goal of becoming a Special Education and Elementary teacher..."

-Sarah O'Brien

Special Education Programs

Marywood's special education programs are NCATE accredited and designed to explore the total environment of the child and adolescent, including the classroom, home, and community.

Marywood offers two dual certification, undergraduate degrees in special education:

Upon completion of either program, you will be qualified to provide services in general education classrooms (with or without supportive services), resource rooms, and various types of self-contained special classes.

Our faculty believe that there is no typical at-risk child or adolescent, nor any one curriculum that matches each disability. They focus on the similarities among all children, not the narrow dissimilar features that separate them.

Service Learning

Service learning is an important component of the special education programs at Marywood. Through service learning, students work within the local community, learn, and reflect about what they have accomplished.

More about service learning at Marywood