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Job Description

Office of University Admissions

Administrative Lead (#328)

Summary of Duties

The Administrative Assistant reports to the Director of University Admissions and is responsible for those tasks which provide for the efficient support of the Admissions staff in their recruitment efforts. The Administrative Assistant is the first line of contact for all phones inquiries, visitors, and requests for assistance in the Office of University Admissions. 

Major Duties and Responsibilities: 

  1. Be the first line of contact for all incoming calls and visitors to the Office of University Admissions
  2. Coordinates the daily campus visit schedule 
  3. Schedules all campus visits for prospective students, including interviews with admissions counselors, campus tours, and meetings with academic departments and support services offices.
  4. Maintains the shared campus visit Google calendar
  5. Coordinates follow up communication to prospective students after campus visits
  6. Processes reservations, check requisitions, and confirmations for college fair recruitment events
  7. Maintains master binder for invitations to college fairs
  8. Maintains and updates  master travel schedule for both fall and spring travel
  9. Records minutes at bi-weekly staff meetings 
  10. Records all requests for information for phone inquirers
  11. Processes purchase requisitions and maintain a file for all expenses
  12. Assigns tasks to Admissions Ambassadors as needed
  13. Provides secretarial support for the Senior Director of University Admissions as needed
  14. Performs other tasks required for the smooth and efficient functioning of the Office of University Admissions


  • Educational:

    High School Diploma or equivalent 

  • Work Experience Requirements:

    Experience performing data entry, clerical duties, or other similar occupations is preferred. Familiarity with Slate CRM system helpful, but not necessary. 

  • Special Qualifications:

    Applicant must possess exceptional communication skills. Familiarity with Microsoft Office suite, especially Word and Excel programs. Strong computer skills, strong organizational skills, and attention to detail are all helpful attributes. 

  • Essential Elements:

    Must be able to take direction and interact positively with the positions supervisor. Must have strong motivation to accomplish assigned tasks accurately and in a timely fashion. Strong typing and organizational skills are required. Must be able to interact with others in an office setting in a positive and constructive manner. 

Please use the link to submit a Marywood Application as well as a resume and letter of application. 

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