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Job Description

Student Disability Services

Support Specialist (#937)


This position is on a part-time schedule of four days per week, 12 hours per week from 5:30 P.M. - 8:30 P.M.

Summary of Duties

The Support Specialist is responsible for administering evening exams to students with academic accommodations due to a documented disability. The Support Specialist will be responsible for securing exams as necessary. Also, the Support Specialist will assist The Tutoring Center with maintaining files, both electronic and paper. 


  • Educational:

    High school diploma and experience with similar responsibilities, excellent organizational skills, and willingness to develop additional skills as needed.

  • Work Experience Requirements:

    Experience working in higher education preferred.

  • Essential Elements:

    Duties and responsibilities include, but are not limited to:

    • Administers evening exams and secures completed exams as directed. 
    • Secures testing cubicles, room, and office at the end of each shift.
    • Log all tutoring data (tutor, tutee, rate, subject, date, time) in a database for centers and individual tutors (approx. 90-100) each semester.
    • File management of hard copies of all session logs by pay end dates for proof of signature.
    • Provide Department timesheets for each pay period of individual tutoring sessions and group tutoring from data logged. Submits to the supervisor for signature.
    • Log all visitors to the Tutoring Centers each semester. At the semester end with data logged, provide semester summary reports and graphs to show totals in all aspects of tutoring; total tutors, total hours, amount paid out and a comparison chart of current and previous semesters.
    • Maintain file management of electronic and hard copy tutoring logs; purge documents over 5 years and label for shredding, as directed. 
    • Continue to check the accuracy of data and/or missing data; refer to supervisor when data is missing. 
    • Refer to Tutoring List for the accurate spelling of tutor names for payroll. Keep the updated list from the supervisor. 
    • Assists the Department as supervisor requests.
    • Responsible for completing Note Takers payroll. 

Please apply using the apply here link by submitting a Marywood Application and a current resume.

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