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The Perks of Being a Wallflower by Stephen Chbosky

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Program Overview

The English Department at Marywood University is a dynamic learning community dedicated to exploring the beauty and power of language and literature. We offer a broad spectrum of courses for literary study and teacher training. Majors in English and minors in writing and women's studies are available.

Program Highlights

  • Small class sizes
  • Individual attention
  • A variety of courses to choose from
  • Internships and independent study opportunities
  • Nationally recognized teacher education program

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Doesn't quite fit the Marywood experience, but still a fun article from The Onion!

English Professor Suddenly Realizes Students Will Believe Literally Anything She Says
LINCOLN, NE—Midway through her 9 a.m. Intro to American Literature course Thursday, University of Nebraska-Lincoln Professor Elizabeth Mabrey suddenly realized that her students would accept, without question, literally any words that came out of he...

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Dr Bittel and Jim Asbury celebrate the successful completion of Jim's Honors thesis. Because…

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Our English Department chair is also Director of the Honors Program. She hosted a lovely reception where the Honors students presented their theses. Amazing leadership from Dr. Sadlack!

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