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Marywood's programs in English are designed to teach students to:

  • Analyze literary and/or rhetorical techniques in various genres.
  • Articulate the ways that literary texts illuminate human experiences.
  • Situate a work within its socio-historical and/or cultural contexts.
  • Write in creative, persuasive, and/or analytical ways.
  • Conduct responsible academic research.
  • Communicate ideas orally in a variety of academic and professional settings.

The English/Secondary Education Program additionally teaches students to:

  • Demonstrate knowledge of English language arts subject matter content that specifically includes literature and multimedia texts as well as knowledge of the nature of adolescents as readers.
  • Demonstrate knowledge of English language arts subject matter content that specifically includes language and writing as well as knowledge of adolescents as language users.
  • Plan instruction and design assessments for reading and the study of literature to promote learning for all students.
  • Plan instruction and design assessments for composing texts (i.e., oral, written, and visual) to promote learning for all students.
  • Plan, implement, assess, and reflect on research-based instruction that increases motivation and active student engagement, builds sustained learning of English language arts, and responds to diverse students' context-based needs.
  • Demonstrate knowledge of how theories and research about social justice, diversity, equity, student identities, and schools as institutions can enhance students' opportunities to learn in English Language Arts.
  • Interact knowledgeably with students, families, and colleagues based on social needs and institutional roles, engage in leadership and/or collaborative roles in English Language Arts professional learning communities, and actively develop as professional educators.

Program Overview

The English Department at Marywood University is a dynamic learning community dedicated to exploring the beauty and power of language and literature. We offer a broad spectrum of courses for literary study and teacher training. Majors in English and minors in writing and women's studies are available.

Program Highlights

  • Small class sizes
  • Individual attention
  • A variety of courses to choose from
  • Internships and independent study opportunities
  • Nationally recognized teacher education program


One Hundred Years of Solitude

Gabriel Garcia Marquez

Recommended by:
Kristin DeVries

For more information, contact us at or (570) 348-6219 Office Location-LAC 217.