The Graveyard Book

Neil Gaiman

Written to fit into the Young Adult genre of literature, The Graveyard Book tells a tale that is at times both chilling and heartwarming. The book begins with the sinister act of murder as a family is slain in their sleep and follows the family's sole survivor, an adventurous toddler who escapes the family's home to the nearby graveyard. The child is protected by the inhabitants of the graveyard, who after much debate decide that Mr. and Mrs. Owens will raise the child within the graveyard, protecting him from the menace of the killer who believes his work is unfinished. Christened "Nobody Owens" or Bod, for short, the boy grows in the graveyard, unaware of just how bizarre his circumstances are. The Graveyard Book introduces many different characters, living and dead, as well as forces of good and evil that are encountered by these characters. The book is one of my favorites as a result of Gaiman's masterful storytelling, and his ability to make even something as horrific as murder into a captivating and accessible story.


Recommended by:
Amanda Rosemergy
Class of 2009
English Major, French Minor