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We hope everyone has been having a great semester and enjoying the last day of Fall Break! Submissions to The Bayleaf are due Monday, Nov. 20, at 11:59 p.m. We welcome all original artwork, poetry, short stories, prose and photography. Please submit via email and note that for the sake of space, all written works are limited to 2.5 pages (about 1,000 words). Message us with any questions, happy creating!

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Congratulations to all of the Spring 2017 Bayleaf winners! Keep an eye out for our newest publication: coming soon. LITERARY Winner: Amanda Duncklee / "Sound, Silence" Daniel Piazza / "Sailor's Bottle" Maura O'Neill / "Museum" Zach Johnson-Medland / "Charon's Boat" Daniel Piazza / "Ocean Beat" Maura O'Neill / "Better Tomorrow" Zach Johnson-Medland / "Growing Pains" Kelsey Van Horn / "Us" ART Winner: Tristan Treg / "Handprint" Paige Owings / "Chapel" Maryrose Evanella / "Il Vaticano Nella Serata // The Vatican in the Evening, September, 2015" Sally Jellock / "Sneem, Republic of Ireland" Brendan O'Rourke / "Untitled" Brendan O'Rourke / "Untitled" Tiffany Gregori / "City Madness" Matt Catanzaro / "Stopping with Style" Kelsey Van Horn / "Seven Tubs Waterfall Hike" Tiffany Gregori / "Innocence" Carolyn Warcup / "Love Metaphor" Paige Owings / "A Woman's Purpose" Kelly Ciabattone / "The Twelfth Night Movie Poster" Cover Art: Paige Owings / "Crepe Shop"

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The last day for voting on Art and Literature submissions is TODAY! If you have not voted, please do so by 11:59 p.m. If you are an undergraduate student who would like to vote but did not get the email with the submission attachments, message us ASAP. We appreciate all those who have already voted and wish for your continued support😊

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The Bayleaf, Marywood's premiere journal of literature and art, publishes the work of undergraduate student writers and artists. The Bayleaf is published in the fall and spring semesters.

Submission Guidelines

The Bayleaf accepts only original student work and strongly discourages resubmissions.


  • All submissions should come in a format that will be easy to work with.
  • The Bayleaf encourages students to submit their artwork as an attached file to
  • The artist's name should not appear on the work, but a cover sheet should be provided stating (1.) the artist's name, (2.) the title of the work(s) submitted, (3.) your major and year, and (4.) your local or campus mailing address and phone number.
  • Non-electronic submissions should come in a protective casing.
  • The Bayleaf is not responsible for any damage incurred to artwork in the submission process.
  • Properly submitted work will be returned to the artist shortly before publication.


  • Poems, short stories, essays, or any other reasonably short genre of writing will be considered for publication.
  • The Bayleaf encourages students to submit their manuscripts as an attached file saved in Microsoft Word to
  • All work must be typed in a legible font, such as Courier New, Times New Roman, or Arial. Handwritten entries will not be accepted.
  • Do not underline or put the title of your work in quotation marks.
  • Include title and page number in the upper right hand corner of each page of all submissions.
  • If you are more comfortable submitting your work the traditional way, please put your work(s) with individual cover pages into a manila envelope. Label it "Bayleaf Submission" and take it to the campus mailing center.
  • Submissions received without any sort of identification will become property of The Bayleaf and will not be considered for publication.

The Bayleaf will accept a maximum of five submissions per student.

The editorial staff, comprised of Marywood undergraduate students, reviews all work democratically and anonymously. Submission due dates for each issue will be announced. The Bayleaf will not accept late material or any submission that fails to meet the journal's submission guidelines. Prizes will be awarded for the best literature and art submissions.

Remember to submit work that you have honed to the best of your ability. The courage to experiment, express, and create are the roots from which The Bayleaf is nourished.

For more information, contact Dr. Helen Bittel at or (570) 348-6219.

Contact The Bayleaf staff at