• A. Tennis Courts/Maintenance: Open to all permits/Visitors
  • B. Lower Visual Arts Lot: Staff Only
  • C. Visual Arts: Faculty/Administration, Commuter Students
  • D. LAC Lot: Faculty/ Administration Only
  • E. PAC: Commuter Students, Faculty/Administration Reserved Section
  • F. Circle: Faculty/ Administration
  • G: Nazareth Small Lot: CLOSED
  • H: Nazareth Large Lot: Commuter Students Only
  • I. University Ave Hill: Open Commuter/Upper Class Resident Students
  • J. McGowan Center: Open to all Permits/Visitors
  • K. Center for Athletics and Wellness: Open to all Permits/Visitors, Reserved Faculty/Admin
  • L. Veterans Center Guests Only
  • M. Softball Field 1- Freshman Residents Mandatory / All Permits
  • M. Softball Field 2- Freshman Residents Mandatory / All Permits
  • N. Maria Hall- Fac/Admin, University Advancement, Admissions
  • O. Dimmick Court- Commuter Permit Only
  • P. Admissions- Visitors Only
  • Q. Swartz Center Parking Area- Staff Parking as Designated, Visitors (to the Swartz Center only) can park in the designated areas. 2 hour limit at all times.

picture of parking map

All parking lots require a permit to park, unless designated as Visitor. Vehicles with a valid Marywood Parking Permit are allowed to park in any lot between the hours of 4:30pm and 7:00am, except for designated spots or Handicapped spots. Parking permits will be issued in advance for those attending events or programs coordinated by Conference & Events Services or the Lifelong Learning Institute.

Please refer to the campus map for directions to the appropriate lot.

The parking lots are designated as follows:

McGowan Center Parking Lot (J)

Center for Athletics and Wellness Parking Lot (K)

Lower Visual Arts Parking Lot (B)