What Signatures Are Required?

For individual faculty: his/her department chairperson and Dean must sign all Faculty Development Proposals.  The Faculty Development Committee will not process proposals without necessary signatures. 

What Are The Funding Limits?

The Continential U.S. and Canada

  • $400-         Conference Attendance
  • $800-         Commentator, panel, roundtable, poster, presiding, etc.
  • $1,200-      Materials, supplies, research fees, etc.
  • $1,500-      National Presentation

International Presentation

  • $700-      International Attendance
  • $1,500-      International commentator, panel, roundtable, poster, presiding, etc
  • $1,600-      Materials, supplies, research fees, etc.
  • $2,200-      International Presentation

Any presentation that is outside the contiguous United States and Canada is considered an international presentation.

Designation of an international presentation will be made based on the location of the event rather than the title of the conference (i.e., an international conference held in the contiguous US or Canada is eligible for funding at the Continential US/Canada levels ONLY).

What Are The Submission Deadlines?

The deadlines for submitting Profiles, Plans and Proposals for the 2012-2013 academic year are:

September 13 2013: For activities in the months of July-September 2013
Receipts are due by: January 6th

November 1, 2013: For activities in the months of December-February 2014
Receipts are due by: April 5

February 7, 2014: For activities in the months of March-May 2014
Receipts are due by: June 13

April 5, 2014: For activities in the months of June-September 2014
Receipts are due by: September 30

How Many Copies Of My Documents Do I Need To Submit?

Three (3) paper and one (1) electronic copy of each Proposal to the Chair of the Faculty Development Committee. 

The committee chairperson is Sr. Angela Kim, akim@marywood.edu, LAC 81, extension 2394.

Your Faculty Development Plan should not be sent to the committee chair, but it should be reflected on your Faculty Activity Report (FAR) and each faculty would have an opportunity to review his/her Plan with the Dean.

Is There Any Other Paperwork I Need To Complete?

Yes. Faculty requesting funding for conference presentations must provide documentation of acceptance along with their proposal.  Faculty should also submit their original receipts, expense form, and Faculty Development approval to the Vice President for Academic Affairs. Finally, recipients of Faculty Development funds will also be required to complete an outcomes assessment survey about their professional activity.

How Soon Will I Hear About The Status Of My Proposal?

Usually within 2 - 3 weeks after the submission deadline. The committee generally meets 7 - 10 days after the submission deadline. Recommendations are made to the Vice President for Academic Affairs soon after that meeting. Faculty can expect to receive word about their Proposals from that office in a week to 10 days after that.

Do I Have To Type My Proposal?

Yes. Handwritten submissions will be returned to faculty without committee review. Faculty may type directly on the downloadable forms or enter text in the provided fields using Microsoft Word.